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Current Stories On Environment & Energy:

Industry's Influence on the U.S. EPA.   (NY Times 3/6/04)

Old Power Plants & Clean Air Act   (New York Times 8/21/03)

Invasive Concerns On Energy Crops   (Charlotte Observer 8/08/03)

Global Warming OP/ED   (New York Times 8/08/03)

Biomass Energy Not Cheap, Not Green   (Washington Times 8/04/03)

Southern Company's Use Of Energy Crops At Coal Power Plants   (Lubbock Journal 7/07/03)

News Resources & Educational Reading

24 X 7 Current News:
Biomass Energy (Google Search Engine)
Biomass Energy (NewsIndex Search Engine)

Benefits and Need For Energy Crops:
Carbon Sinks & Global Warming   (N.Y. Times)
Planting Trees Fights Warming   (N.Y. Times)
Green With Biomass   (Tampa Tribune)
Trees As Pollution Control Tools   (N.Y. Times)
Cottonwood Trees & Carbon Storing   (Knoxville News)

Energy Crop Projects:
Switchgrass in Iowa   (N.Y. Times)
Grasses in Georgia   (Atlanta Journal)

Renewable Energy/Green Marketing:
The New Green Entrepreneurs   (Fortune Magazine)
Marketing Green Power in the South.   (Common Purpose)

Global Warming Science:
Global Warming & National Security   (Fortune Magazine)
Global Warming & Altered Wind Currents   (New York Times)
Lessons on Ancient Heat   (N.Y. Times)
Impact on Ozone Hole?   (N.Y. Times)
Learning from Polar Ice   (N.Y. Times)
Polar Ice Science   (N.Y. Times)

Global Warming Policy:
Three States Sue EPA on CO2 emissions.   (N.Y. Times)

Mercury Pollution From Fossil Fuels:
The Mercury Menance   (Portland Press Herald)
Mercury and Seafood   (New York Times)
Science Study on Mercury Pollution   (New York Times)
Mercury from Coal Power Plants   (Tampa Tribune)

Acid Rain:
The Politics of Pollution   (Boston Globe)
Effects of Acid Rain Far Flung   (New York Times)
Acid Rain in New York State   (New York Times)

Power Companies in Florida & Southeast:
Southern Company's Environmental Record.   (Atlanta Journal)