Our Top 10 Contest

Good Things About Global Warming

Hey! You can't be serious all the time, even if the polar ice caps may be melting. Email us your top reason, and if yours is chosen for our Final Top 10 List, we will make you famous!

10. Undersea World Of Cousteau Replaces CBS Evening News.
9. Always Wanted To Go To Antarctica For Spring Break!
8. Thong Bikinis On Casual Fridays.
7. Citing The Health Benefits Of Dry Heat, Hell Moves To Iraq.
6. "Where's Waldo Hiding The Cold Brewskis?" Becomes #1 World Game.
5. Russia Solves Economic Problems By Introducing Club-Med Siberia.
4. Ted Turner Organizes The Whales & Dolphins To Save The Humans.
3. Dinosaurs Reappear In Galapagos Islands (But Still Smoking Cigarettes).
2. Florida Washes Away, Making Presidental Elections A Whole Lot Easier.
1. Two Words: SURF's UP!!!!